How to choose a good mirror?


1. Choose the look of the mirror
The appearance of the mirror gives people the most intuitive impression. We can observe the mirror from multiple angles from the front and back. A good mirror should not have crush points, stains, sundries, defects, bubbles and other defects.

2. Look at the craftsmanship
As far as bathroom mirrors are concerned, in order to protect the silver ions from reacting with the moisture in the air, resulting in black edges and black spots on the lens, a layer of copper film should be plated on the silver film, and a layer of primer and paint should be placed on the copper film. The topcoat enhances protection and extends the life of the mirror. At the same time, the edge of the mirror should also be passivized to avoid scratches.

3. Imaging effect
Generally speaking, a mirror with good imaging effect will not have image distortion, deformation, etc. The most direct way to check the quality of the mirror is to observe the image of yourself in the mirror. You can slightly move the things in front of the mirror. If the image is not bent or deformed, then it is a good quality mirror.

4. Choose a style
According to the style of home and bathroom, choose the matching style of mirror, which should be consistent with the overall style. For example, an oval mirror is more suitable for European style, and a square mirror is more suitable for Chinese style.

5. Pay attention to waterproof and rust-proof functions
Ordinary mirrors will become dull if placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, and even rust, fall off, etc., so it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof and rust-proof function of the mirror.
Norhs anti-corrosion copper free silver mirror 
Norhs utilizes erosion free silvered mirror glass for our products. Preventing"black edge" and improving durability.

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