Norhs Steps into the "Rich People Area"-In Lagos Nigeria


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2022 Norhs Mirror Events:

 Tiles: Foshan Norhs Mirror Steps into the "Rich People Area"in Lagos Nigeria

In the year 2022, it is a tough year for all industries, all factories,all client and all people. Because suitation of world and Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) happen years until now. Everyone start to slow down their steps.

We, norhs mirror still keep going with our own plan. In year 2022, we build up our distribution showroom in Nigeria, achieve different kinds of projects, and the most grand-event worth of congratulation is we step into the“Rich people area”of Nigeria. This project locates in the Banana island Ikoyi Lagos, constructured and built by Nubridge Project Ltd. Each villa or House was designed to be unique, no copay no duplicate. So each led mirror ,decorative mirror was selected from norhs is exclusive. Following we are sharing the beautiful images to you.

In the future, we are still keep moving as we were start in the beginning.

Slowly and steady, to achieve more and bring more high quality mirror products to our clients.

Welcome focus on us, norhs mirror !

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