Project in Mongolia

Gerlug Vista Project is a residence business apartment,which is located in the capital city Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia. This project divided into 2 phase and designer selected our Irregular shape mirror NML044 as its main bathroom mirror. 

Project in Nigeria

​​​This Project locates in Banana island Ikoyi Lagos,Nigeria. Which named "Rich People Area" in Nigeria. The whole project consist of different villas houses.Which is constructed and built by Nubridge Project Ltd company. Due to each house is exclusive design so Designer is very strict on the mirror selections like Smart LED mirror, wall mirror and decorative mirror. 

Project in Australia

Punthill Ivanhoe is one of a hotel project under Pullman in Australia. Designer customized our Classic black round mirror to Dia.100cm for its dinning room/rest corner in the suite. To minimizes everything to simple perfection, with no pomp or adornment

Project in Barcelona Spain

Ikasa is a Spanish building construction company located in Madrid Spain. This Beach Building is one of modern apartment in Barcelona. Designer selected our model NML047 as its main mirror in the suite room and single room.

Project in Mobassa Kenya

This Beach Resort is belongs to the group of Elegant Properties from Kenya. Which is located in the harbour city Mobassa Kenya. Designer uses our body mirror NMM037 Black and Belt mirror NMA034 black for its living room and bathroom. Black are the most favourable color in Africa.

Project in Malta

This Marsaxlokk building looks normal in middle east. But before it opens to the market, it received many important people during wars since hundreds year ago. Designer use our full-length mirror and Magnifying mirror for its renovation and now set it as a landmarks of local apartments.

Project in Hainan China

This Hilton Hotel located in beautiful Hainan city of China. Designer selected our classic smart LED wall mirror and table make up mirror. Both are the most popular but durable designs. 

Project in Canada

Arrow & Towel I are two residence building from Canada, those are purchased by buying office JL Home supply. It’s the biggest customized mirror we ever ship to North America and they hung for whole bathroom wall. Designer selected our NMM060 and its mirror inbuilt type make it so beautiful.

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