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Norhs-UK Distribution Base Best Design Award

Latest News of Norhs in 2022 KBB UK Exhibition


Europe's Leading KBB Event

KBB, the 2022 Birmingham kitchen and sanitary ware exhibition...


Norhs 5th distribution in oversea market

In the year 2021, it’s a tough year for all people, all business due to Covid-19. It’s the 3rd special year we are facing to since it comes so far.


Bathroom Knowledge Class - What are the advantages of defogging mirrors?

The bathroom mirror is an indispensable part of the bathroom. A clear and bright bathroom mirror can bring people a pleasant and comfortable feeling.


How to install A norhs mirror?

Please read the instructions carefully before starting the proper installations.


How to choose a good mirror?

The appearance of the mirror gives people the most intuitive impression. We can observe the mirror from multiple angles from the front and back. A good mirror should not have crush points, stains, sundries, defects, bubbles and other defects.


Life Tips- -How to clean and maintain the mirror?

I wonder if you have ever had such a trouble?When taking a bath, want to look at the mirror, but found that the hand foam can not wipe the mirror, the mood is suddenly a little unhappy.Next, to teach you a few correct ways to clean the mirror and maintenance tips.



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