Bathroom Knowledge Class - What are the advantages of defogging mirrors?


The bathroom mirror is an indispensable part of the bathroom. A clear and bright bathroom mirror can bring people a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

In daily life, everyone must also encounter the situation that the mirror is covered with fog or water droplets, which greatly affects our daily use. Moreover, wiping the water vapor on the mirror surface with a cloth will often leave some stains, which is even more annoying. When we take a shower and wash in the bathroom, a lot of water vapor will be emitted, which will cause the surface of the mirror to become blurred and need to be wiped repeatedly before it can be seen clearly. At this time, in order to effectively remove the fog, the best way is to use the LED smart defogging mirror instead of the traditional mirror, so that the defogging mirror can realize electric heating to heat the mirror at a low temperature, leaving a beautiful face.

So, what are the advantages of smart defoggers?

First of all, it is not easy to break. The mirror is explosion-proof, so if the lens is accidentally broken, there is no need to worry about injury, because there is no spillage of debris.
The most important point is that it has good anti-fog and waterproof performance. Generally speaking, the surface of the anti-fog mirror is covered with a layer of anti-fog film, which can make the mirror heat up, remove the fog on the mirror surface easily, restore the mirror surface to be clear, and the mirror surface is controlled by a touch switch through power-on low voltage 12v, which is not only convenient, but also no longer Don't be afraid of fogging up after bathing. Moreover, when the defogging film is installed on the smart bathroom mirror, the service life will be longer, generally up to 5-8 years, and it is waterproof and moisture-proof, and the paste is firm.

Norhs use certificated heated-pad for our defogging mirror, which is more durable and more safe for you in the humidity bathroom.

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