Life Tips- -How to clean and maintain the mirror?


I wonder if you have ever had such a trouble?When taking a bath, want to look at the mirror, but found that the hand foam can not wipe the mirror, the mood is suddenly a little unhappy.Next, to teach you a few correct ways to clean the mirror and maintenance tips.

Firstly, Mirror cleaning.If the mirror is stained or not bright, you can spray it on the mirror with a glass cleaner, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

Secondly, mirror anti-fog.Before taking a bath, you can apply the soap to the mirror, and then wipe it with a dry cloth, and then the mirror will form a soap liquid film, which can effectively prevent the mirror from being blurred.Another method is: on the cloth with some convergence of makeup water daub mirror, which can effectively prevent water vapor condensation in the mirror surface to a certain extent, play a very good anti-fog effect.

Third, Mirror frame cleaning and maintenance.Dust off the frame surface with a soft cloth or feathers.Or use a clean, soft wet cloth to wipe the frame surface and gently wipe it; it is noteworthy that do not use any glass cleaner or other solvent to contact the scrub frame.

Fourth, the daily maintenance of the mirror.In order to avoid moisture pouring into the mirror, try to avoid touching the mirror with the wet hands, and at the same time, do not wipe the mirror with a wet cloth.Then, because the phenomenon of hair rubbing may appear, when wiping the mirror, it is best to wipe with a soft dry cloth.If you want to keep the mirror frame bright, try dipping a soft cloth in wax, or in milk to make it look clear and shiny.

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